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Tech Trends for 2023

We are days away from finishing another year, and although we are still surprised by the technological advances we are experiencing, we have expectations of the advances that may be presented for the following year and that will mark an important mark on our lives.

Although in recent years we have witnessed #technological advances, such as #ArtificialIntelligence (#AI), the #IOT (#InternetofThings), #digitaltransformation, among others; We know that year after year new technologies will give us new options for new technologies, and will transform our way of living.

That is why here we present three of the #newtechnologies that are giving a lot of talk in different areas of daily life, and industries:

1. Metaverse: Talking about the #Metaverse is talking about a much more immersive digital experience. #Gartner claims that this encompasses several different technologies and is related to business issues like lack of trust in data or improving customer service. One way to use it could be through #avatars and chatbots to improve customer service. Other ways include the use of gamification for training, and augmented reality for shopping experiences. Gartner found that 51% of Gen Z expect some form of augmented reality to become a reality in the next two years.

2. High positioning of Artificial Intelligence (AI): The development of new technological solutions through AI will establish a new balance between the activities carried out by real people, vs. new proposals for operations through this new #technology. Likewise, new #algorithms will be developed that will allow the development of new forms of technological-human interaction, for the efficiency of #business processes.

3. Connectivity wherever and for whatever: Being the basis for IOT (Internet of things), we will be seeing more and more that connectivity between #devices will be preponderant, in order to provide a better experience to the end user. We are talking about the #communication between devices, where being able to have a high-speed #network, will be important so that said communication is suitable to provide a better service.

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