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Technologies of the Future

The world as we conceptualize it today cannot be explained without the presence of #Technology. On a daily basis, the life of all human beings has some relationship with technology, from the simple fact of interacting with a mobile phone, interacting with technological robots that handle artificial intelligence for activities even today daily such as cleaning the home, and/or biotechnology developments to combat diseases.

It seems that the world no longer has room to be surprised by new technologies, but the reality is that technological advances every day generate new options to facilitate human life, improve quality of life and add greater security to technological transactions.

This is how here we present three new technologies that are impacting the world either in the professional field and/or in people's lifestyle; and that will surely have an important impact on the development of daily life as we know it today:

1. Quantum Internet:

It is a new technology based on the use of "cubits" that will allow a new communication that travels at the speed of light and has extreme security.

At first it is not envisaged that the quantum #internet will come to replace the current internet, since in many cases for the ordinary internet user, it will not represent a significant change, but for certain sectors of the industry, the internet Quantum will arrive to provide greater security and interconnect devices that are at great distances between them.

2. 5G:

It is a technology that is already being implemented in several countries around the world, which represents lower latency, higher speed and which will allow the real development of the #Internet of Things (#IoT), as well as the consolidation of smart cities.

This technology allows millions of devices to be connected to each other at a speed never seen before.

This is how we are going to witness the great evolution in connectivity: from only making voice calls (1G), integrating SMS messages (2G), continuous Internet connection (3G), higher connection speed (4G), to the massive connectivity at speeds never seen before (#5G)

3. Nanotechnology:

We are facing the science that creates and manipulates matter in tiny sizes: 1 – 100 nanometers, close to the size of molecules, which are imperceptible to the human eye.

Research and creations in #Nanotechnology have been developed in the sectors of energy, medicine, for the creation of materials and even for the development of weapons.

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