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Digitizing the letters to the Wise Men

Digitizing the letters to the Wise Men

Just days before the #ThreeWiseMen arrive, can you imagine a story from this time in the era of #digitalization? Will it have any impact on how children send their letters to the Three Wise Men? Can the digital age affect the type of gifts they will ask for? What adventures would they live in the East in the face of new technological challenges, and the increase in demand for gift cards? In this blog, we propose a fun and original story that mixes the tradition of the Three Wise Men with the most innovative technology, and how #MaximageDQMSoftware, provides an effective and #secure solution in the management of massive data, even for the Kings of the East.

This story begins with a group of Mexican children, who decide, together with their primary school teacher, to write their letters months in advance, to ensure that they reach the Three Wise Men, and that they receive their requests in the necessary time, to that they can manage their orders and ensure delivery to each of the children.

This is how in the East, the assistants of the Three Wise Men are the first to begin receiving letters from children, and they are the ones who warn that given the high demand and haste with which requests are being made, it is necessary to resort to a expert assistant in managing data, who provides the security of their information and keeps it in impeccable order.

Given the number of options they find, they focus on one that seems the most appropriate, since it uses #ArtificialIntelligence (AI), and has all the security permissions for information management and is duly certified; so they do not hesitate for a moment to hire Maximage – DQM Software®, as their technological assistant, and to select #MaximageAiidara® as their software for the automation of their Christmas processes, since it contains Sofiia Software for Intelligent Image Analysis® with which the assistants of the Three Wise Men feel confident that they will be able to face all the challenges that this new #Christmas presents them.

When telling the Three Wise Men about the hiring of their new technological assistant, they ask that they explain in more detail how this new technology will work, since they want to understand very clearly what will happen, to be able to share it next year with Santa. so that he is also prepared for this new challenge that is presented to them.

The “High Tech” assistant is in charge of explaining what their new technological partner will provide them, so, first of all, he makes Three Wise Men see the large number of letters that they have begun to receive, and where, as It is customary, when children write their letters by hand, they take longer the process of understanding and organizing requests, in order to convert them into orders and shipments.

That is why he shows them the following video, where he shows them how, thanks to #Sofiia®, the data from the children's letters will be transformed into #digital text, which will make it easier for them to extract #data and better understand it. This is how the Three Wise Men understand the power of Maximage-DQM Software®'s technological solutions and how, thanks to #technology and especially #digitization, processes can be made simpler, saving time that can be invested in what is most important: They are the people who are part of our lives.


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