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#Technology a powerful ally to prevent #businessfraud


"Cyberattacks are one of the top 10 major global risks of greatest concern over the next decade, at an estimated cost of $90 trillion, if cybersecurity efforts do not keep pace with technological change." World Economic Forum data report October 2019.


Automating processes in companies is an increasingly common issue, especially in companies that want to transcend and be competitive in their field, no matter their size. The role that technology plays for this is paramount, so that advances in this sector are being developed in leaps and bounds.

The move of manual processes, where the execution time is set aside, is talked about mass and/or sensitive information management, causes companies to seek the automation of their operations to deal with the new way of operating, and where technology coupled with security, take a leading role in preventing fraud.

Is information more secure if it is automated than if it is operated manually?

The answer is definitely "yes", since having automated processes within companies, leave less opportunity for sensitive information to be manipulated by people, and allows to introduce checkpoints that, being automated, save time, give security in information and allow collaboration between areas in an agile, safe and error-free way.

We share 5 essential points that every automated process must contain, to ensure success in information management:

1. Have simple technological platforms and at the same time robust enough, that allow information management to be easy and simple for all areas of the company involved in its operation.

2. That the processes and solutions used, have points of verification of the information, to verify the authenticity of the information.

3. Identification of checkpoints, involving all areas/persons involved in the process.

4. Document, evaluate, and correct the implementation and execution of any automated process.

5. Training of the personnel involved in the new technology, to ensure the successful transition from manual to automated processes, and avoid errors.

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