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What is Artificial Intelligence good for?

Market research firm IDC has projected the global Artificial Intelligence (AI) market to reach over half a trillion US dollars in size by 2024. Statista

At this time, advances in #technology have exceeded what the imagination of the human being could have foreseen in terms of technological developments with which he could interact today.

When the first #computers were manufactured, what was reflected in movies and television series was seen as science fiction, about what the use of these would impact the life of the human being, and even more so when the term of “#robots”: machines that could perform the functions of a human in different aspects; until in 1956, the term #ArtificialIntelligence - AI - was heard for the first time.

In recent times the term #AI begins to gain strength, when it is already a reality, that machines with certain software installed, can perform functions that human beings do or did, and be able to discern for decision-making. a decision, thanks to the configuration of the different #algorithms with which they have been developed.

This is how through the development of these algorithms, on which the essence of Artificial Intelligence is based, a machine can perform work on production lines like any worker, as well as identify and manage data extracted from an image, to facilitate people's work, increase process safety, and reduce operating costs.

Currently we can have several examples where AI is used in different areas of our lives, but within the most outstanding areas are:

1. Artificial Vision, which refers to the recognition and extraction of data found in images and even videos. Through AI technologies such as #MachineVision, machines can not only scan an image, but also extract the information contained in the image, to generate operation processes and/or decision making.

2. Voice Recognition, the applications that today use the #voice to perform different actions such as making a phone call, searching for a document and/or managing other applications, use AI that, through neural networks, determine the actions to follow, based on the given instructions.

3. Automatic Service Agents, refers to automated customer service, through the responses and/or instructions that they can give through a chat and/or on a web page, to improve the customer service experience.

These advances generate a great potential for applications for improvements within companies, from cost reduction by optimizing resources allocated to various processes, to increased productivity of work teams. This is why investment in AI solutions is on the rise, as it represents a very attractive investment with a favorable return on investment (ROI) in the short term.

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