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What security rules to follow in the implementation of technology solutions?

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

In the implementation of technological solutions, a number of aspects should be considered that allow such implementation to be a success: team, solution structure, training, etc. In addition to the above, one of the main aspects that has become more important in recent times is the #security in the implementation of #technologicalsolutions, which allows to be able to execute and operate efficiently and without risks.

Here are some golden rules to consider about security in implementing technology solutions:

1. Solid and robust #infrastructure.

Security risks will be avoided, if the infrastructure on which a technological solution is implemented/developed, has a delineated structure and with risk control. That each component has its own security structure: network, computers, servers, etc.

2. #Operationcontrols and user levels.

Consider access and security levels, depending on the type and level of user who will make use of the technological solution. Configure and grant clear permissions based on user involvement with the technology solution.

3. #Cloud operation.

Based on its structure, cloud operation allows the provider to ensure levels of security for the different stages of development of the technology solution.

4. #Testmodel.

Run the deployment in a test environment, to detect safety deviations and solution, before launching in a real production environment.

5. Action plan to control #risks.

Evaluate the best practices of the industry, contemplating the actions to be followed based on levels of involvement and responsibility.


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