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5 tips to increase the cybersecurity of your business.

“71% of organizations worldwide have been victims of ransomware attacks in 2022.” Source: Cybersecurity Ventures

Every day we hear the fact that everyone, whether personally or #business, must move into the new #digital era, which brings us many benefits, as well as great new challenges that we must face.

The fact that through a single "click" of your personal computer and/or your smartphone, you can make purchases online, share work #information or even make financial transactions, practically makes transactions as we knew them before, develop in a #cyber world, of which we still need to know more about its advantages and disadvantages, as well as the challenges that it imposes on us.

Although it is true that in any field (physical or digital), the transactions we carry out have a degree of vulnerability, it is a fact that it is extremely important that we know the main #security keys in a new digital world, which is becoming more and more important every day. relevance in the life of people and companies.

Here we share 5 basic tips that any individual and/or company should consider when looking for greater #cybersecurity in this new digital age:

1. The first entry key: #passwords. Although it may seem rhetorical, one of the main ways to access the information of people / companies, is through the hacking of user passwords. That is why it is important that these keys are robust, of medium/high complexity, and that they are being changed with a certain periodicity. Double verification is also recommended, through access codes sent to mobile devices, so that after accessing with the password, verification is carried out with a key sent only to registered devices.

2. Have powerful antivirus software. Having robust virus detection #software for #data, files and equipment continues to be a fundamental tool to prevent unwanted access from external factors that could damage our operations.

3. Education to members of the work teams on new security threats. The fact that employees are aware of the new trends in #cyberattacks helps them to be more alert in case of receiving spam emails with dangerous links (#phishing), or attempts to kidnap their data (#ransomware).

4. Establish secure remote communication channels. What was previously provided by #VPN services is now available in cloud services that ensure access to devices and users regardless of where they are: " #zerotrust" technology

5. Keep equipment and devices updated. Since there are new cyber threats every day, manufacturers and developers seek to improve their equipment / applications by providing new #versions of their software. But it is essential that users update their equipment, so that they are up to date with the new versions available.

Although security is an issue that should be a priority on the agenda of all company managers, it is a fact that it is also the responsibility of each user, in the management of their information and use of their applications and equipment.

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