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Your voice can protect you

With the great advances in #technology, it is increasingly common for devices to have applications that seek to protect the security of users, transactions and data security itself, while making the user experience more pleasant.

“By 2025, forecasts suggest that there will be more than 75 billion Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices in use. This would represent an increase of almost three times the installed base of #IoT in 2019 ”.

Thus thanks to the use of #biometrics, much progress has been made in these aspects, such is the case of #VoiceBiometric, which refers to the recognition of voice patterns to identify and authenticate the #identity of individuals.

Currently voice assistants have become a reality to search the internet, play our favorite music and / or control objects such as the intensity of light in a room. So it should come as no surprise that in the near future, the voice will be a #security identifier just like a fingerprint is today.

And what characteristics does the voice give to be a powerful security biometric?

Each person has a unique vocal apparatus, and their phonetic features are very specific to each person, which makes it very difficult to imitate.

There are applications that when using voice biometry, it is possible to identify:

• Speed when speaking

• Diction

• Emphasis when speaking

• Decibels

• Bass and Treble

As technology advances, voice biometric will evolve, to make the user experience more pleasant, as well as to strengthen their security codes, which today are among the safest biometrics.

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