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5 Advantages of your business being digital

It is clear to everyone that the advance of #technology is changing the way we live day by day. We have witnessed important technological advances from communication through social networks, to massive data processing and authentication through #Biometric processes. The way of doing business has also been impacted, so doing business digitally, is a reality that lately and given the global health contingency due to #Covid-19, has had an advance above what was predicted.

"63% of respondents agree that after the COVID-19 pandemic, they will use #digital technologies more than before the outbreak"

Source: Deloitte Global Marketing Trends 2021Consumer Pulse Survey.

We share five advantages of business being digital:

1. Business coverage.

Through digital transactions, you can have a greater spectrum of #business, both locally and internationally, which should translate into a higher volume of sales. Important points to take into account is the legal conditions that apply to #commercialtransactions in different countries, as well as developing the sales funnels indicated for the market segments that you want to attack.

2. Improves internal process times and costs.

Based on the automation of processes based on digital models, it saves time for their implementation and makes them more productive, achieving a correct flow of information between areas, and with the same consumer. A clear example is to have a model of customer touches through the actions that it performs. On the other hand, there is a significant reduction in fixed #costs.

3. Improves the customer's shopping experience.

By interacting digitally with the #customer, this allows to collect more information from the same either through information that you decide to share, as well as the way to browse the web, which helps companies to design better #shoppingexperiences, and make them even personalized.

4. Transaction security.

Unlike a physical model, the digital business model has different levels of #security that can be easily implemented, both for the protection of customer data, as well as for safeguarding business information and transactions. A clear example is taking transactions to the #cloud, which allows the massive management of information, and a more secure control of transactions.

5. Labor Flexibility.

Having a digital business, allows the information that is shared between areas is also digital, which gives the option to #employees to work from different locations, and save costs and allow a flexible and agile #workexperience.

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