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5 new life-changing technologies

When we talk about #technology, perhaps we are not so sensitive to what it represents in our lives: from the use of our cell phone where we manage contact data, messages, emails, photographs, files, among many others; remote communications, digital transactions and many more actions that today we take for granted, since technology is one more element in our daily lives.

Thus, in recent years, we can mention various technological advances that at the time were incredible to imagine as the fact of managing information through the cloud, or transmitting documentation digitally. But what will be the technologies that are about to become an important part of our lives?

Here we share the five technologies that are beginning to be key to the #development of the world:

1. Artificial Intelligence –AI-

#ArtificialIntelligence –AI- is talking about intelligence through machines, where through their software and processors, machines are able to learn, reason and make certain decisions, which make their tasks the most efficient and with a level of success close to excellence.

2. Quantum Computing

Classical computing uses bits where over time, these have produced microchips to improve the speed of their processes. When talking about #quantumComputing, bits are replaced by #qubits, which will allow to handle information in computers with higher speed, improve performance and more sophisticated algorithms with better resolution time.

3. Nanotechnology

When we talk about #nanotechnology, we are talking about the creation of matter in very small size, which usually measures between 1 to 100 nanometers, which is imperceptible to the human eye.

With the development of this technology, it seeks to create solutions to diseases, creation of new energies and even new materials that revolutionize the handling of weapons.

4. The Internet of Things

Although it may sound like a science fiction topic, it is to talk about the development of different devices through nanotechnology that can communicate with other devices at a distance of up to 300 meters; it is also beginning to be known as #intelligentDust, since its size will be like a dust that can monitor the movements of people, the climate, water pollution, among many other things.

5. Smart Clothing

#SmartClothing is the incorporation of technology in textile fibers, where you can monitor information about our body: heart rate, blood sugar, oxygenation, etc. With which it can be used both in sport and in hospitals, since it can manage alerts that can help the user in their performance and health.

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