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The importance of Passwords

The majority of respondents stated that they rarely needed to reset their passwords (44%) in 2022. However, 15% of respondents had to do it several times a week; and only 6% did it daily. Source: Statista 2023

Since 2013, World Password Day is celebrated on the first Thursday of May; And although generating #passwords for different applications and/or devices may not be a pleasant process for most people, paradoxically, its use is becoming more important in the #digital age that both people and companies face in their new #virtual reality.

In a world undergoing a dizzying #digitaltransformation, data protection should be a priority for everyone, and setting up strong passwords is the first step in doing so. You have to take into account that #cybercriminals continually reinvent themselves, in order to guess user passwords, and therefore frequent password changes, as well as achieving powerful configuration, can keep criminals away from your information, since they In their new crime sophistication, they have included #artificialintelligence (algorithms) to identify user passwords.

Here are five important steps to achieve smart and strong passwords:

1. The combination of lowercase/uppercase letters, numbers and symbols can increase the strength of your password.

2. Avoid sequences of letters and numbers, that is, avoid putting sequences of: 1234... or abcd...

3. Look for it to be as long as possible, it is advisable that it be a minimum of 10 to 12 characters, the longer the better.

4. Avoid using the same password in different applications / accounts, since if you use different passwords for different accounts, your information will be less compromised.

5. Create passwords that have a specific logic for you, so that, even if you handle different keys, they have a training strategy that is also easy for you to remember.

In addition to the above, we suggest you activate two-way #authentication: password - password via telephone or email, as well as changing passwords continuously.

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