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Importance of scalable solutions

In 2021, the software industry in Latin America generated revenue worth 22.1 billion U.S. dollars, with the enterprise software segment accounting for nearly 40 percent of the market.

Statista November 24, 2022Software industry in Latin America - Statistics & Facts

Currently, we hear more and more about the term "Scalability", which, although it can be applied to different #business areas, has its origin in the #technological area, where talk of scalable solutions began, specifically referring to the capacity of a #software development to be able to handle and/or support an increase in the number of data and/or users, maintaining its original functions and performance; that is to say that said solution or technological development adapts opportunely to the growth of the demand of which it is the object.

Although the term #scalability is handled in an integral way to refer to its definition, in the market there are usually two types of #scalabilities:

Vertical Scalability: which refers to incorporating new components on top of the existing structure, and

Horizontal scalability, which refers to including new specific hardware components, to meet any increase in demand.

It is important to mention that for any type of business (but with a greater impact on small and medium-sized companies), basing its growth on an infrastructure of scalable technological solutions will allow it to be more competent in its sector. This is how they must consider three important aspects so that their #technologicalsolutions are considered scalable:

1. That their technological solutions are flexible, that is, that they allow an immediate response, in the face of a growth in demand

2. Have an agile and solid technological development team that can cope with last-minute demands and be able to offer immediate responses and solutions.

3. Anticipate the scalability of the solutions, which refers to being able to anticipate with numbers and reactions, having a greater demand at the last moment.

The companies that manage to react and adapt to the new scalable #models of technological solutions demanded by the market, will be the ones that survive in the face of a more demanding market with demanding #quality.

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