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Tech terms your business should know

Thanks to technological advances, today users and companies have resources that in the past sounded like a futuristic movie and many even thought they never got to see them: from being able to make video calls for business or pleasure, to being answered by telephone by a machine that solves your doubts and/or knows how to solve your problem remotely.

This is how many technological terms have emerged that #companies should know, since they represent the way of doing #business today, as well as the approach for what we will experience in the coming years in terms of advances in #technology, service to the client and even in what will affect the companies operationally.

Here we share five #technologicalterms, which are and will be revolutionizing the way of doing business in the coming times:

It is one of the most popular terms today, which refers to the set of #algorithms that work in a machine, to be able to give a cognitive response as if it were a human being, even at its highest level of capacity. Although a few years ago this term seemed incredible to imagine in our daily lives, today it is present in virtual assistants (#Siri, #Alexa, #Google, among others), in text proofreaders, as well as in intelligent virtual answering machines to provide customer service.

As its name indicates, it is massive #data management that allows companies to analyze impressive amounts of data in a matter of seconds, giving users timely decision-making, with the highest content of reliable information. Here the phrase "Information is power" is confirmed.

It refers to the #storage of data, its handling and processing through the Internet. In other words, not having the information stored in a fixed server, but in a large-capacity remote storage location, whose access and interaction is done through the Internet, which allows such accessibility to be done from anywhere the user is.

It refers to things (objects) that, by having some type of #software and/or sensors programmed, create a #network that allows them to connect to each other through the internet, to give a better user experience. We can talk about devices for domestic use, such as smart homes that turn on lights, alarms, music in sync with user preferences, even industrial operation systems.

It is named for the fact of protecting and reducing the #vulnerability of #information systems and company data, from digital attacks. It focuses on combating threats inside and outside the organization that attack its systems in networks and applications.

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