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Importance of working in the Cloud

In 2022, cloud IT infrastructure spending is expected to reach almost 90 billion U.S. dollars. Public #cloud infrastructure continues to expand and is a large driver of IT spending. Statista Lionel Sujay Vailshery May 17, 2022

"The cloud" is a term that has become very common when talking about #technology and that has a leading role in #digital transformation. But what is the cloud and why is it important for companies and the general public to work in it?

The fact that several servers worldwide are connected and function as a single entity to manage and store data, provide services, provide content and/or run technological applications, among others, has been called "Cloud", therefore we are not speaking of a physical "Cloud", but of this technological network that, thanks to its structure, allows the provision of specific #software services, web mail, video content, social networks, among many others.

Users can access their #information wherever they connect in the world, since said information is not hosted on a personal computer, but rather the information can be accessed through any device that has an internet connection at any time and place.

There are several advantages for both #companies and users of working in the cloud. In order to better understand these advantages, we have to remember that previously the information was stored locally, that is, it was found either in the computers and/or servers of the companies, and in order to access said information it was necessary to have access to the device. , and/or enter local storage.

Thanks to the change of work in the cloud, the main advantages can be summarized as:

• Significant savings, and we are not only talking about the time it takes to access information from anywhere in the world, but also #savings in the maintenance of local servers, as well as savings in software updates.

• Security, given the robustness of the platforms on which cloud-based #software is developed. #Security systems that would be too expensive to be applied locally.

• Immediate access to #information, by only depending on an internet connection it is easier for users and companies to access their information and be able to work and/or make decisions anywhere and at any time.

• Greater space for storage, by having cloud #storage, its capacity cannot be compared with the limited amount that local storage provides.

• Collaboration, by having the information available on #collaborative work platforms, it allows greater interaction between work groups, which makes work easier and faster.

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