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Let's celebrate the Earth

It produces an immense sadness to think that nature speaks while the human race does not listen to it (Víctor Hugo)

We are in the month of the celebration of the #earth, where as humanity we must unite to express our union to safeguard nature, living beings and harmony among all species, and thus care for and maintain our home which we call: Earth.

With resolution 64/196 of December 21, 2009, the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) determined that International Mother Earth Day, better known as #EarthDay, would be celebrated every April 22. The countries that signed this declaration expressed their concern about the deterioration of the #environment and the damage that #nature has suffered as a result of human interaction with the #planet, and therefore seek activities and experiences that strengthen the harmony between humanity and nature, expressing them especially on a day of celebration called: Earth Day.

According to National Geographic, April 22 is World Earth Day due to demonstrations that took place on the same date in 1970. On this date, millions of men and women in the United States took to the streets to raise their voices due to the impact of human activity on planet Earth.

Since the year 2000, the UN adopted the concept "One #Health" referring to the interaction of all human beings who inhabit this planet called earth. Where we must be sensitive to climate change, pollution, and loss of biodiversity, caused by the negligence of humanity before the calls of Mother Earth.

#Technology in the face of the call for the conservation of our planet contributes to a great extent to support humanity to protect and safeguard it. Practical examples of technology support are:

1. Digitization of information

2. Electric cars

3. Sustainable energy

4. Biodegradable Materials

5. Smart constructions

This April 22, let's celebrate our Earth, being receptive to what each one can contribute to recover the ideal balance between nature and human beings, and being aware that we have all contributed to the problem, but we are also all part of the solution.

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