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The allied digitization of a green world

Globally, some 44 percent of consumers said they were more likely to buy from a brand with a clear commitment to #sustainability in 2021.

Statista :Global share of consumer more likely to buy from sustainable brands 2021

To speak of sustainable companies today is to speak of the reflection of companies committed to the #environment, the proper use of natural resources, as well as safeguarding the well-being of our natural world in the full extent of what this implies, from the protection ecosystems to seek to generate clean renewable energy.

And if we are talking about environments, our new reality has created #virtual environments where information is managed, stored and administered in a 100% digital world. And this is where the digitization of information (data & images) becomes a key factor in supporting companies to generate a cleaner world.

Here we show you some of the advantages of #Digitization to help generate a cleaner and better world:

• Save trees from felling, freeing the world of physical paper and managing information digitally.

• Energy saving in data transmission

• Massive data generation, which contributes to the creation, maintenance and development of Big Data

• Reduce human errors, counting on the original information

• Increase the #security of information management

Thus, if to the equation of digitizing data, we add the use of new technologies such as artificial intelligence (#AI) and the #IOT (Internet of Things), we are facing a new world that is free of natural wear and tear, and thanks to it will allow us to conserve our physical world for the enjoyment of new generations.

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