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Technology & Finance

It is undeniable that the role that #technology plays in all areas of a company is of the utmost importance. The #Financial area is no exception, since it has to stay at the forefront both in investment and traditional finance issues, as well as now execute them in a digital environment.

Notes and #coins are changing their use, tending to disappear in the near future and be replaced by digital transactions; and even electronic currencies that day by day take on a more important role in financial transactions.

The experiences that users require in online financial transactions, demand both security, trust and make use of cutting-edge technologies such as #artificialintelligence, information management in the cloud and process automation, among others.

In recent years, we have witnessed the evolution of technology in Personal and Business Finance, where concepts such as:

· Electronic Payments: Where the user can make use of new technologies to manage their #payments online.

· Secure mobility: Managing transactions from a Smartphone in a secure way has been a challenge that companies and individuals have had to face through cutting-edge technology.

· Management of technologies such as #Blockchain, where large amounts of accounting records can be stored through the networks and ensure their #security.

Thus, in an environment that is changing day after day, it is important to be familiar with new financial-technological terms such as:

· Virtual Currencies or #Cryptocurrencies: Non-physical currencies, which are increasingly used in #digital transactions.

· #Fintech: Generally startups that have a very advanced technological advance, and that allow offering financial services at a lower cost than a financial institution.

· #Crowdfunding: digital financing of projects, with contributions from various sources of investors.


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